Tron and ChatGPT Linked Payment System: Unlock A New Era of Decentralized Finance

• Justin Sun, the creator of Tron, announced plans for a decentralized payment structure built on the Tron blockchain and optimized for use with ChatGPT and OpenAI AI systems.
• The framework incorporates a Tron blockchain-based smart contract system, a payment layer protocol, a calling SDK, and an artificial intelligence payment gateway.
• Additionally, the interface layer offers consumers a common settlement method and an API for accessing AI-based services.

Justin Sun Announces Plans For Decentralized Payment System

Justin Sun, Tron’s creator, has recently announced plans to create a decentralized payment system that will be built on the Tron blockchain and optimized for use with ChatGPT and OpenAI AI systems. This payment structure would make settlements on the Tron blockchain quick and easy.

Components Of The System

The proposed framework consists of four components: 1) A blockchain-based smart contract system; 2) A payment layer protocol; 3) A calling SDK; 4) An artificial intelligence (AI) payment gateway. These components will enable users to store queries and AI responses generated by the smart contract system on BTFS (a decentralized file storage similar to BitTorrent). In addition to this, it will also allow users to easily settle payments using TRX or BTT tokens as these are required for complete decentralization.

Advantages Of The System

The new decentralized payment system is expected to offer many advantages such as enhanced security, reliability, tamper-proofing features along with censorship resistance. Moreover, integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies like ChatGPT into the payments systems would improve their efficacy further.

Core DAO All Set To Launch Collaboration With Justin Sun’s Proposed System

Core DAO has also expressed its interest in collaboration with Justin Sun’s proposed system by investing $300 million in AI startup Anthropic Technologies Inc., which implies that it is ready to work together in developing intelligent financial ecosystems based on this project soon enough.


In conclusion, Justin Sun’s proposal looks very promising and could revolutionize our approach towards payments through Artificial Intelligence if implemented properly. With Core DAO already planning an investment in this space worth $300 million dollars – it seems likely that we should expect some revolutionary developments from his proposed project soon enough!