Fidelity Digital partnership opens crypto to wealthy Asian investors

Fidelity Digital Assets and Stack Funds announced a new partnership to bring crypto investments to wealthy investors in Asia.

Stack will leverage Fidelity’s risk mitigation expertise to offer crypto investment options to its exclusive clientele.

The partnership is the latest in a series of bullish institutional moves

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Fidelity Digital Asset Services announced a new partnership with the digital investment platform Stack Funds in an effort to meet the demand for crypto investing from high net worth individuals in Asia. Singapore-based Stack Funds will bring Fidelity’s crypto custody services to its exclusive list of Asian clients.

In a statement provided to Bloomberg , Stack Funds revealed a growing demand for crypto investment services from HNIs and family offices in Asia.

The company hopes to leverage Fidelity’s reputation and demonstrated ability in the secure digital asset custody space to satisfy the growing demand niche and further popularize cryptocurrency investments in the region.

Symbiosis du partenariat Fidelity Digital et Stack Funds

Stack co-founder Michael Collett said the partnership is expected to attract investors due to the reduced security risk factor of Fidelity’s presence and its own financial controls and investor protections. These protections include monthly asset audits, comprehensive insurance coverage, and weekly contributions and surrenders.

Fidelity Investments sees the partnership as part of a larger strategic movement in the digital asset space. In August, the company revealed it was launching a Bitcoin-only fund for family offices, registered investment advisers, and other institutions, subject to a minimum initial investment of $ 100,000.

Speaking to Bloomberg about the partnership, Fidelity Digital Assets Europe Director Christopher Tyrer said;

“There is a critical need for platforms that deeply understand what local and regional investors are looking for. [This] has always been lacking in the digital asset space. “