Month: March 2023

Dubai Free Trade Zone DMCC Unveils Collaborations with South Korean Web3 Firms

• The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) has partnered with South Korean Web3 firms to become a global hub for decentralized technology. • As part of the agreement, DMCC will facilitate the formation of Korean Web3 and metaverse enterprises within its borders. • Dubai is aiming to contribute $4 billion to its economy by 2030 […]

Hacker Steals Tokens From Hedera, Exploiting Smart Contract Vulnerability

Hacker Steals Tokens From Hedera • On March 9, the Hedera Hashgraph distributed ledger revealed that some tokens from its liquidity pool were stolen due to a smart contract vulnerability on the Mainnet. • The hacker attempted to transfer the stolen tokens through the Hashport bridge, which included tokens from SaucerSwap, Pangolin and HeliSwap liquidity […]

Secure Your Credentials with Polygon ID: The New Self-Sovereign Identity Infrastructure

• Polygon (MATIC) has released Polygon ID, a web3 identification service that verifies user credentials in a secure manner using blockchain technology. • The Polygon ID self-sovereign identity infrastructure stack will help programmers get closer to tackling the issue of digital trust. • Uses for this technology extend well beyond traditional banking, including onboarding customers […]