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May 2014

Croatia to launch PCO certification

The Croatian Meeting Professionals Association (CMPA) is to draw up plans for a members’ certification programme.

“The aim,” according to CMPA President and EFAPCO Board member, Pavle Markovic: “is to stress the importance of continuing education and professional development among our members and to send all the right messages to our clients.

“Our Board has decided to launch the scheme at the annual Croatian Meeting Industry Forum in Zagreb in December.

“We have agreed that CMPA is a right-holder organisation well-placed to develop the certificate programme. Our partners in this project are expected to be two Croatian independent institutions: the Croatian Chamber of Commerce – Centre of Quality and the School of Economics, at the University of Zagreb. We are currently negotiating with both bodies, but we have already secured their general consent.

Markovic added: “I hope the EFAPCO Board will discuss the project during its meeting at IMEX in Frankfurt on May 19. We would like to have an international partner as an endorser and supporter for the whole process. This would be beneficial for all involved – for certificate applicants, for CMPA and, of course, for EFAPCO.

“Indeed, it would certainly provide more visibility, significance and a higher profile for EFAPCO in Croatia, and could eventually be used as model across the Federation, and for Europe as a whole.
“We expect to complete our preparations by the end of this year and begin operating the programme in 2015.”

EFAPCO President Luisa Ahrens Teixeira said: “I’m delighted to hear our Croatian members are planning to follow in the steps of the Portuguese association (APECATE) which has been working on a certification process for two years now.

“APECATE is also the rights holder of the certificate system and SGS International has been selected to implement the process in the field.

“I believe this would definitely provide an excellent service to all EFAPCO members and is probably the best way to achieve differentiation and distinction in a marketplace where we have all been competing for such a long time.”




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