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Prague Convention Bureau has hosted another in its series of acclaimed educational seminars.

This year’s topics included "Key factors driving clients' decisions for destinations" and "Marketing trends in MICE". The seminar was held in Corinthia Hotel Prague.

And the latest in a series of educational and networking breakfasts within the Prague Convention Bureau Ambassador Programme took place at the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague.

Patron of the Ambassador Programme Prof. MD. Julius Špičák, PhD, Head of the Hepatogastroenterology Department of the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Prague shared his experience in organising international congresses and conferences with more than 30 Czech scientists, doctors, and other experts.

Prof. Špičák began organizing international congresses and conferences in 1992. His first achievement was the organisation of the European Gastroenterology Association workshop (ESGE) with the first-ever live parallel video feed from several endoscopic operating rooms.

The largest event he has organized was the prestigious international medical congress UEGW 2004 (United European Gastroenterology Week) which attracted almost 10,000 delegates from 60 countries to Prague. Prof. Špičák was also the President of the Congress.

"I have seen a significant shift in terms of acquiring congresses over the past 20 years,” he said. “Previously, the acquisition and organisation of events was quite amateurish. Nowadays, there is a structure of convention companies and agencies providing professional logistics around each scientific community.

“To collaborate with a professional agency that guarantees not only a top-quality presentation during the candidacy process, but then during the organization of the event itself is absolutely essential.” said Prof. Špičák, and he adds:

"The key factors behind a successful candidacy include the applicant's personality, credibility and reputation in the scientific community, and the applicant's professional achievements acknowledged by the community. The scientific content of the conference, renowned names of the keynote speakers, and last but not least, an attractive destination follow in the list."

These events aim to motivate potential and existing ambassadors to bid for international congresses for Prague, and to encourage its participants in their efforts and activities.

Practical information about the available candidacy support was given by: Zdeněk Giormani, Director of the Czech Convention Bureau, and Roman Muška, Director of the Prague Convention Bureau.




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