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We’re Working Together For You!

According to EFAPCO’s by-laws, we should now be working with a new Presidency. Instead of this two of our Honorary Presidents, our former Secretary General and our current Vice-President decided the launch of the Federation’s second decade was the right time to re-shape the organisation.

This, in turn, will make your own national PCO organisation better able to serve your own professional and commercial needs. We also plan to develop the Federation in ways which provide direct services, information and news that could help you to work ever more effectively.

Luisa Ahrens Teixeira (APECATE, Portugal), Nicolas Le Brun (BAPCO, Belgium), Sissi Lignou (HAPCO, Greece) and Piotr Wilczek (PCCA, Poland) have been holding e-meetings and tele-sessions aimed at developing a strong and active Management Committee ready and willing to stimulate EFAPCO’s development and strengthen the Federation’s voice in the PCO and events management sector.

The stronger EFAPCO can become, the greater the benefits you can enjoy with your own membership

And our great hope is that you, in turn, will now help us make EFAPCO stronger in many of the ways we laid out in our original 2020 Vision programme.

Watch out for regular bulletins from the EFAPCO team. And please tell us how the newly structured organisation can help to serve you in ever-expanding ways.

Help us to help you and, indeed, to make EFAPCO flourish once more.
Best wishes,
Luisa, Sissi, Nicolas and Piotr

For lots of the latest information please visit: www.efapco.eu




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