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The importance of this document stems from creation of rules and parameters for the application of the Federation's visual image ensuring that it be recognized as unique and guaranteeing an effective institutional communication.

It is imperative that these guidelines are scrupulously observed ensuring appropriate use of the logo which may be used in promotional materials and advertising including websites, flyers, posters and exhibits, following express authorisation by EFAPCO’s Management to whom specimens or representations of the items intended to exhibit the logo must be submitted.

The following information is included in the manual for use of the logo:

• Version of logo to be used
• Lettering
• Coloring
• Types and forms of application
• Appropriate formats

All the indications given in this manual must be fully observed. Adulterations will not be permitted. To this effect all items to contain the logo must be sent to the EFAPCO President for approval by the EFAPCO Management .

The right of use of the EFAPCO image is available to the following:

1) Full Members – use is restricted to the association’s communication tools. Use of the logo by companies which are members of national associations is not permitted unless they are also Associate Members of the EFAPCO.

2) Associate Included and Direct Members

3) Partners

The right to use the EFAPCO logo is cancelled if the annual membership fee is not paid within six months from the date of invoice. In this situation the EFAPCO logo must be removed from all devices of virtual communication and all communication means which contain the logo or reference to EFAPCO must be de-activated.

Similarly, companies which, for any reason, cease being members of the Federation must remove EFAPCO from virtual communication devices. Also all printed means of communication which contain the logo or reference to the EFAPCO must be de-activated within 30 days.

EFAPCO’s logos and images are registered and protected.

Copying the EFAPCO logos and images for use in any means of exhibition or communication without the express approval of the logo and image title-holders is forbidden.

All and any unauthorized use of EFAPCO’s logo will be subject to remedial legal action.



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