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Code of Professional Conduct


This Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics has been created to ensure that EFAPCO Full Members commit themselves to creating and communicating to their PCO members the need for a level of service and ethical practice that projects a dignified image of the Federation and the profession.

This Code of Conduct has also been created to commit EFAPCO Associate Members to operate in accordance with the defined rules and procedures.

It also aims to establish a positive co-operation between all its members, clients and suppliers as well as to establish the basis for good practices in the management of their businesses and the environments in which they operate.

These principles are accepted by all the EFAPCO members at the time of their admittance to the Federation. Proven failure to comply will lead to disciplinary measures.

Full Members commit to:

1. Create and implement their own Code of Conduct

2. Guarantee that its members act according to these Codes

3. Comply with the laws of their respective countries

4. Establish and maintain good relationships with their national authorities

5. Lobby for the recognition of the profession of congress organisers

6. Enlarge the EFAPCO network in their respective countries

7. Pay their memberships fees on time

8. Not engage in any activity that reflects negatively on the Federation or its members

Associate Members commit to:

1. Comply with the laws of the country in which they operate

2. Respect the EFAPCO Code of Conduct

3. Provide the EFAPCO with complete information regarding their professional activity, as and when required

4. Pay their memberships fees on time

5. Develop and maintain high levels of professional competence

6. Respect the professional reputation of colleagues and suppliers

7. Avoid false statements in obtaining new businesses

8. Produce honest, clear and straightforward contracts with clients and suppliers

9. Ensure that their clients understand the congress business model

10. Respect the confidentiality of client information



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